We’ll take care of your casting videos

All sorted in few hours

  • Casting begins…

    >Casting begins…

    You had your casting session and now you are waiting for the results. Normally you would receive hours of footage and tons of unsorted photos. What do you do now?

  • Transferred within minutes

    Transferred within minutes

    Don’t worry. Let the casting company transfer the files to our system even during the casting.

    We will have immediate access to the footage and start processing it.

  • Ordering the chaos

    Ordering the chaos

    We’ll cut the videos, sort the photos and merge them to logical blocks. You will find the files and folders in your sleep.

    All photos and videos are stored at the best quality possible.

  • Delivered in few hours!

    Delivered in few hours!

    The results are delivered in any format you prefer. All in the cloud, ready to be browsed and streamed online with no downloads required.

    Do you want to share the content with a team member? Share simply using a secure link and you won’t have to download and reupload anything ever again.

  • Everybody will be pleased

    Everybody will be pleased

    Director and the client will be able to see the casting in no time. On their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

    All in one place and neatly organized.