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It’s faster, easier and safer to do than ever before

  • Upload, transcode and stream media
  • Advanced management of files and users
  • Access securely via web or file transfer protocol
  • Protect images and video with watermarks or prevent downloading
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Finally, the perfect tool for:

  • Creatives

    Ideal for archiving, sharing and presenting your showreels.

  • Film & TV Production

    Safely exchange storyboards, scripts and photos. Streamline the entire production process.

  • Media Houses

    Quickly share videos, photos and documents among your team.

  • Casting Agencies

    Easily exchange multimedia throughout the entire casting process.

Guaranteed quality

We couldn’t find what we needed for our clients, so we created our own solution. STUDIOCHAIN was developed according to industry requirements by people in the business.

Jakub Olexa
10 years of industry experience
founder of STUDIOCHAIN

What can STUDIOCHAIN do that conventional content sharing services can't?

  • Process everything in seconds

    Process everything in seconds

    Content management is as easy as it gets. Crete folders, upload with a simple drag and drop and all thumbnails and previews will be created automatically. Make selections out of existing content or from a media library without having to re-upload anything.

  • Transcode media online

    Transcode media online

    Media can be viewed on any device. The original format makes no difference. Files are automatically converted to the best file type for desktop or mobile being used.

  • Smarter sharing

    Smarter sharing

    Protect your files while allowing users easy access to them. You can send links that will expire after a time limit of your choice.

  • Simplified user management

    Simplified user management

    Set up as many administrator and client accounts as you need, and easily manage the access rights of each user within a project. If you choose, you can even allow clients to upload directly to the project folder.

  • Advanced security

    Advanced security

    You control who has access to your content, with many security options at your disposal. Allow users to stream media, safely transfer files using the latest encryption technology, or prevent your content from being downloaded. You can add a watermark to your photos and videos for added security. Track the complete history of access and activities for your folders. And of course, our servers always offer reliable backup and storage protection.

What users have to say about STUDIOCHAIN For 6 years we have privately serviced selected customers

  • STUDIOCHAIN is fu*k**g awesome ! It’s easy, fast and great for presenting large files as well as sending dailies - We use it to communicate with our offices in the Unites States and London and all our distant locations wherever we are shooting. The service and back up are excellent and I cannot recommend STUDIOCHAIN more highly as a great way for everyone to communicate. Forget Dropbox or WeTransfer - it doesn't get any easier than this!

    Rick McCallum Rick McCallum Producer, Film United
    Czech Republic
  • I was very impressed with the STUDIOCHAIN set-up on the show. It made viewing rushes incredibly easy and it was also a very efficient way of downloading episodes. The navigation was instinctive and the ability to select different viewing privileges for assorted people was an asset.

    Colin Wratten Colin Wratten Producer of "The Musketeers" (BBC)
    United Kingdom
  • STUDIOCHAIN is an excellent tool that allows fast, simple and secure sharing of cuts and other media across cities or continents. It's a huge asset on projects that require continuous communication and collaboration between multiple distant locations.

    Ben Brafman Ben Brafman Associate Producer for ABC's "Missing"
  • STUDIOCHAIN is easy, practical, quick, uploading and downloading is as simple as sending an email.

    Fady Salame Fady Salame Producer, UNIT and Sofa,
    Czech republic
  • Working with STUDIOCHAIN, just makes the whole process so much smoother. Guys at STUDIOchain are always there, also in the middle of the night! If i have a "what if?" moment or just want to hear all will be good. My clients are happy, leaving me to just focus on being a casting director and not stress out.

    Elaine Groenestein Elaine Groenestein Aan Het Park casting
  • We used the many services offered by STUDIOCHAIN during the whole post-production of the film, from the distribution of the rushes to final delivery, although the implementation of the various stages of the project has occurred in several European and North American cities. I was pleasantly impressed with the availability and flexibility shown by the team at STUDIOCHAIN throughout this process, all this done with an outstanding level of security and protection of the data. I will not hesitate one second to use their services again when the opportunity arises.

    Guy Langlois Guy Langlois "Serena" post-production supervisor
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